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lundi 12 mai 2014

Research Plan

The OUTPACE project is based upon the preparation, the realisation and the analysis of results from a 45 days long oceanographic cruise in the SW Pacific ocean.

Time Schedule

July 2014: Pre-cruise meeting with all participants (Marseille, France)

September 2014: Pre-cruise meeting with the organizing committee (Marseille, France)

October-February 2015: Cruise preparation, shipping of equipment to R/V Atalante and Noumea

February-March 2015: Cruise in the SW Pacific

December 2015: Post-cruise meeting with all participants (Marseille, France)

February-March 2016: Workshop focused on physics ( 10 people)

May-June 2016: Workshop focused on biogeochemistry ( 10 people)

2016: Request for a special session at the Ocean Sciences Meeting

2016, New Orleans, Louisiana

2016-2017: Publication of scientific results (Special issue, Journal to be determined)