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SPASSO software package

mardi 21 octobre 2014, par Andrea M. Doglioli



The variability of the horizontal mesoscale and submesoscale circulation strongly affects biogeochemical budgets and represents a real challenge during in situ measurements. Indeed, samplings which are only few tens of kms or few weeks apart may be representative of very different situations. The software package SPASSO has been developed in order to overcome this problem. It provide maps of structures of biogeochemical interest such as fronts, eddies and filaments. which can be used to guide the in-situ sampling strategy as well as the interpretetion of collected observations. SPASSO diagnostics can be based on the near-real time analysis of satellite data (altimetry, SST and oceancolor) and also on the output of ocean prediction model. An adaptive strategy based on these diagnostics has been applied during ocean campaigns such as LATEX (2010), KEOPS2 (2011) or STRASSE (2012).

During the OUTPACE cruise, SPASSO will be used to identify the long-duration Lagrangian stations where process studies on carbon export will be conducted. See more in the L.Rousselet’s presentation of her internship work [PDF].

See SPASSO User Guide (vs first draft) [PDF]

As soon as possible, the SPASSO package will be freely distributed in the hope that it will be useful for oceanographic community. For more information please contact F.d’Ovidio, F.Nencioli and A.Doglioli.

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