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Presentations du mardi 5 juillet 2016

jeudi 7 juillet 2016


Président de session : Mathieu Caffin

Bonnet, S., Caffin, M., Benavides, M., Berthelot, H., Grosso, O., Guieu, C., Louis, J., Duhamel, S., Moutin, T., N2 fixation during the OUTPACE cruise : hypotheses, strategy and first results
Benavides, M., Bonnet, S., Caffin, M., Berthelot, H., Duhamel, S. Van Wambeke, F., Panagiotopoulos, M., Pujo-Pay, M.  Interactions between organic matter and diazotrophy in the SW Pacific
Caffin M., Moutin T., Doglioli A.M., Berthelot, H., Gimenez A., Bouruet-Aubertot P., Petrenko, A., Grosso O., Helias-Nunige S., Cornet, V., Leblond N., M. Stenegren, R. Foster, C. Guieu, de Verneil A., Bonnet S. Nitrogen budget at LD stations and fate of nitrogen fixation in the South-West Pacific
Moutin T., Fumenia, A., Helias, S., Grosso, O., Pujo-Pay, M., Lefevre, D., Influence of N2 fixation on Inorganic and organic N and P distributions : consequence on the biological pump functioning in the SW Pacific (OUTPACE cruise)
Leblond, N., Grosso, O., Desprez, O., Sediment traps analysis (OUTPACE cruise)
10h20 Coffee break - Discussion
Stenegren, M., Caputo, A., Berntzon, L., Berg, C., S. Helias, O. Grosso, Bonnet, S., Moutin, T., Foster R.A., Distributions of cyanobacterial diazotrophs in the S. Pacific
Knapp, A., Leblond, N., Grosso, O., Moutin, T., Bonnet, S. Delta15N budgets to determine the quantitative significance of N2 fixation for supporting export production
Berman, Frank, I., et al., Indications of programmed cell death and coupling to C and N export during the OUTPACE cruise
Dyhrman, S., Frischkorn, K., Rouco, M., Krupke, A., Van Mooy, B., Trichodesmium clade dynamics on OUTPACE


12h20 Repas - Discussion

Après midi

Président de session : Hugo Berthelot

Carlotti, F., V. Valdes, K. Donoso, L. Guilloux, C. Fernández, R. Escribano, M. Pagano, L. Berline, B. Hunt The zooplankton activity during the OUTPACE cruise : community structure and functionning
Dolan, J.R., A. Gimenez, V. Cornet & A. De Verneil Community structure of tintinnid ciliates of the microzooplankton in the South East Pacific Ocean : comparison of a high primary productivity with a typical oligotrophic site
Guidi, L., First analyses and perspectives from PVM measurements
Berline, L., Carlotti, F., Guilloux, L., De Verneil, A., Doglioli A.preliminary results on zooplankton and particles (MVP)
Gimenez, A., Baklouti, M., Yohia, C., Bonnet, S. and T. Moutin Towards a comparative study of the physical and biogeochemical dynamics at the 3 long duration stations of the OUTPACE cruise using a 1DV coupled model
Rabouille, S. Nitrogen fixation and biogeochemical fluxes in population scale models
Landolfi, A., Oschlies, A. Marine N2 fixation : what can we learn from global models ?
Schmechtig, C. The OUTPACE database


16h20 Discussion
  • Presentation de la session spéciale au prochain ASM d’Hawaii
  • Discussion sur l’issue speciale
  • Budget

Fin : 17h