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Presentations du lundi 4 juillet 2016

jeudi 7 juillet 2016

Lundi matin

9h00 Accueil

Présidente de session : Louise Rousselet

Moutin, T., S. Bonnet and the OUTPACE team Introduction to the OUTPACE cruise in the SW Pacific (18 Feb, 3 Apr. 2015)
Doglioli, A., F. Nencioli, F. D’ovidio, L. Rousselet, A. deVerneil, A. Petrenko, T. Moutin Guiding the OUTPACE cruise with an adaptive strategy based on satellite data. Return on the experience and perspectives for the analysis of in situ data
De Verneil, A., A. M. Doglioli, A. Petrenko, L. Rousselet OUTPACE Long Duration Stations : Physical context, comparisons, and biological consequences
Rousselet L., A.M. Doglioli, A.A. Petrenko, C. Maes, B. Blanke, A. De Verneil From large scale to submesoscale circulation in the Southwest Pacific during the OUTPACE cruise
Petrenko, A., A. de Verneil, L. Rousselet, G. Rougier, L. Bellomo, A. Doglioli, C. Maes PROVBIO launched during OUTPACE : basic analysis and perspectives
Bouruet-Aubertot P., Cuypers, Y., Legoff, H., Picheral, M., Rougier, G., Yohia, C., Petrenko, A., De-Verneil, A., Doglioli, A Waves and turbulence during the OUTPACE experiment
De Verneil, A., A. M. Doglioli, A. Petrenko, P. Bouruet-Aubertot, G. Rougier, S. Bonnet, T. Moutin OUTPACE Station B : How to create small-scale gradients in the subtropics ?
12h20 Repas - Discussion

Lundi après midi

Présidente de session : Audrey Gimenez

Lefevre, D., Grosso, O. Rougier G. N. belkin, N., Spungin, D., Berman-Frank, I. Net community Production accross the Outpace section and during long stations
Wagener, T., Caffin, M., Lefevre, D., Moutin, T., Metzl, N., Lo-Monaco, C., Fin, J. Inorganic carbon along the OUTPACE transect
Van Wambeke, F., Gimenez, A., Pujo-Pay, M., Duhamel, S., Moutin, T. Heterotrophic bacterial production and ectoenzymatic activities, preliminary results from OUTPACE cruise
Duhamel, S., Van Wambeke, F., Lefevre, D., Benavides, M., Bonnet, B., Moutin, T. Assimilation of organic carbon and nutrient substrates by unicellular cyanobacteria : evaluating the importance of photoheterotrophy in natural communities of the SW Pacific
Panagiotopoulos, C., Pujo-Pay, M., Benavides, M., Sempéré, R. Composition and distribution of dissoved organic carbon in the South Pacific.Results from the OUTPACE cruise

Coffee break

Guieu et al., Impact of Atmospheric inputs on Dissolved Iron distribution along the OUTPACE transect
Leblanc K., Leblanc, K., Cornet, V., Brunet, C., Helias, S., Grosso, O. Si cycle and siliceous phytoplankton contribution to community structure
Taburet, G., Fournier F., Pujol M-I., Faugere Y. Regional Altimetric product for the OUTPACE project. Processing and Validation
Dupouy, C., Frouin, R., Maillard, M., Cirou, R., Tedetti, M., Rodier, M., Gerard, P., Charriere, B., Pujo-Pay, M., Sempere, R. West to east Variation in ocean colour during the OUTPACE cruise in the South Western Tropical Pacific Ocean
Frouin R., C. Dupouy, J. Tan, B. Charriere, M. Tedetti, and M., Maillard Bio-optical algorithms from ocean-color radiometry during OUTPACE
Point, D., Heimburger, L., Methylmercury distribution in the South Western Pacific region. Results from the OUTPACE cruise
18h Discussion